Disciplinary Procedure

The Club has specific Codes of Conduct that are available on other website pages. More generally members are expected to uphold the reputation of the Club whenever they are participating in Club activities whether as players, coaches, managers, officials or spectators. The minimum standards of behaviour are those described in England Hockey’s Code of Ethics and Behaviour. Key elements of this include:

  • Respecting the spirit of fair play in hockey

  • Respecting the rights, dignity and worth of others

  • Promoting the reputation of the sport and avoiding bringing it into disrepute

  • Avoiding verbal and physical abuse and threatening or intimidating behaviour

  • Not using inappropriate language or gestures


    Significant breaches of these codes, or other behaviour affecting the reputation of the Club, should be reported to the Club Disciplinary Officer. While this is primarily the responsibility of Captains and Managers any member may report such breaches if they believe it to be appropriate.  Whenever possible the individual or individuals involved should be advised at the time that their behaviour will be reported.  Please communicate in the first instance with chair@wycombehockeyclub.co.uk

    The procedure described below should be used in response to such reports and also for reports from non-members and other clubs. It is also appropriate for Red Card and Match day Misconduct Offences, subject to the timescale imposed by the EH Code of Discipline.

    Reports should be considered by a committee consisting of the Disciplinary Officer and two other senior members of the Club drawn from a list agreed by the Committee.

  1. The Disciplinary Officer should without delay inform the person(s) concerned of the nature of the report.
  2. The Committee will consider the report and decide whether any further action is required.
  3. The Committee may require the person(s) involved to attend a disciplinary hearing which should be held at the earliest convenient date. Anyone required to attend may bring along another member to speak on their behalf, to act as a witness or as an observer.
  4. The Committee may request written submissions from witnesses or other relevant persons and may request witnesses to attend the disciplinary hearing.
  5. The hearing will be adjourned for the Committee to consider its decision. This decision should be communicated to the person(s) involved without delay. The person(s) involved should be informed of any penalty in writing. The Disciplinary Officer will provide a written record of the meeting and the decision to the Club Secretary.
  6. The Committee can impose any penalty that it considers appropriate. These may include:
    •Verbal or written warnings
    •Suspension from playing
    •Suspension from membership of the Club for a defined period
    •Recommendation to the Management Committee of expulsion from the Club
  7. Any appeal against a decision of the Disciplinary Committee must be made in writing to the secretary within five days of notification of the decision, with an explanation of the grounds for the appeal. Appeals will be considered by three members of the Management Committee who were not part of the original Disciplinary Committee. Any suspension will remain in place until the Appeal is held.

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